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A picture is worth a thousand words, so it's said, and IronMind posters shout with inspiration. Cover your walls and rev up your workouts surrounded by the best strength athletes in the world.


Georgian superstar of weightlifting Lasha Talakhadze doing a 212-kg snatch like a hot knife cutting through butter. Grit: Zlaten Vanev had it. Challenge is a prerequisite for transformation, and a barbell coupled with an iron will is how Vanev was forged in fire, cleaning 210 kg, only to miss the jerk. A couple of days before, Vanev had made five attemtps on the same 210-kg, cleaning the weight but missing the jerk each time--all under the watchful eye of fabled coach Ivan Abadjiev in the Bulgarian training hall. The good news is that about a week later, Vanev won the World Weightlifting Championships. The Rolling Thunder—a universal test of grip strength that started a sport. Harness your inner Viking: whether at World's Strongest Man or in your own backyard, effort and commitment are what count.
An object lesson in the benefits of Olympic-style weightlifting: doing snatch pulls like Lu Xiaojun (China) may contribute to a back, neck and shoulders that any lifter could want. Pyrros Dimas three-peats for Olympic gold at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney: that's why he's number one. IronMind's iconic photo of Ivan Chakarov (Bulgaria) squatting 270 kg for a rock-bottom triple, dubbed "no-no-no" by Randall Strossen since Chakarov had no belt, no wraps, no spotters. Story of the Sultan's Squeeze: take your cue from Sultan Rachmanov and try your hand at the IronMind Hub for big gains in pinch grip strength. The current world record is 38.54 kg.
Even if you're not swinging from vines, the primal pull of grip strength is irresistible--train with Captains of Crush Grippers and become king of your jungle. To get really strong you need to squat a lot, and the nice thing about squatting is if you work hard at it, you will improve. Work extraordinarily hard, and you will get extraordinary results. It was the Ilya Ilin show at the 2012 Olympic Games, where he did 5 Olympic and 5 world records, including this 233-kg clean and jerk. 'Tis better to be forearmed than forewarned . . . let this be your battle cry before your next Captains of Crush Grippers workout.
It was the Ilya Ilin show at the 2012 Olympic Games, where he did 5 Olympic and 5 world records, including this 233-kg clean and jerk. It was the last lift of the contest and in a fairy-tale ending, Matthias Steiner cleaned and jerked 258 kg for the gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games. Taner Sagir: we call him "the werewolf of weightlifting." An electrifying lifter, Taner Sagir won a gold medal at the Athens Olympics. Ilya Ilin was the first lifter in hostory to win both the Junior and Senior World Weightlifting Championships, and the Asian Games in the same year. Plus, he was the 2008 Olympic Games gold medalist.