IronMind Block: Rules & World Records

No rafters handy for pinch-grip chins and maybe not even some smooth-sided plates for pinch gripping?

No problem—here's a way to build and test your pinch grip. It's perfect for maximum lifts and holds—for variety, try strolling with it—and even lateral raises.

The harder you squeeze, the stronger you'll get.


The IronMind Block and 15" Olympic loading pin and carabiner are available from the IronMind store, which has a complete selection of grip strength and hand health tools.
Please contact if you have any questions.

IronMind Block Men's World Record*

 Name Date Weight
Harri Tolonen June 9, 2018 51.40 kg (113.31 lb.)
Harri Tolonen June 9, 2018 50.18 kg (110.62 lb.)
Harri Tolonen September 10, 2017 48.6 kg (107.14 lb.)
Harri Tolonen September 10, 2017 47.6 kg  (104.94 lb.)
Thomas Larsen January 7, 2017 46.6 kg (102.73 lb.)
Jacob Sahlaney¹ April 9, 2016 45.4 kg (100.24 lb.)
Thomas Larsen January 16, 2016 39.3 kg (86.64 lb.)
Kody Burns February 15, 2015 36.2 kg (79.8 lb.)

 *The minimum increment for breaking a world record is 1 kg, effective January 1, 2015
Jacob Sahlaney broke the world record on each of his first three attempts [88.87 lb. (40.31 kg), 92.68 lb. (42.03 kg), 95.11 lb. (43.14 kg)], and again on his fourth attempt [100.24 lb. (45.4 kg)].  

IronMind Block Women's World Record

Name Date Weight
Rebecca Roberts May 13, 2017 31.55 kg (69.4 lb)
Elizabeth Horne September 11, 2016 27.9 kg (61.5 lb.)


IronMind Block Contest Rules

1)  The IronMind Block must be an authentic current-model IronMind Enterprises Block; it cannot have been modified or tampered with in any way. The Block must be wiped clean before each attempt.

2)  Ordinary chalk (magnesium carbonate) may be used on the lifting hand, but nothing else is permitted (liquid chalk, for example, is specifically disallowed).

3)  Weight is hung from the Block using an IronMind 15" Olympic loading pin and carabiner. The total weight for the world record attempt includes the equipment and the weights, that is, the Block, loading pin, carabiner, and plates; weight for the Block + pin + carabiner = 7.5 lb. / 3.4 kg. The plates must either be calibrated or can be weighed on a proven scale.

4)  The lifter grabs the Block in approximately its center and lifts with the Block remaining approximately parallel to the ground. A thumbless grip is not permitted. Other than incidental contact, the hand or Block must not touch the body before the lift is completed—dragging the hand or Block up the leg is cause for an immediate "No lift."

5)  The lifter must fully straighten up (back erect, legs and hips locked out); once standing straight, the lifter must maintain control of the lift for 1 second before getting a down signal from the referee, and must then return the weight to the ground. Contact must be maintained between the lifter's hand and the Block until the weight is resting on the floor. The referee then indicates whether the lift was passed or not. 

6)  In contest situations, the lifter is given 1 minute to complete the lift after his/her name is called; during that minute, there is no limit to how many times the lifter may try to complete the lift.

*The minimum increment for breaking a world record is 1 kg, effective January 1, 2015.

Print a copy of the rules and referee form here.

See also IronMind's grip contest rules for extra attempts.