IronMind Hand Grippers — Care and Feeding

Original, authentic, unmatched—the gold standard for building maximum handgun grip strength. Designed to produce the quickest gains in grip strength. Premium materials, proprietary elements, precision manufacturing and unrivaled customer support. Available in 11 strengths for a perfect fit, whether you are just starting off, rehabilitating an injury, or already have splits in the .12 - .15 range.I know IronMind is in California, but I live in Florida and I’m afraid my new IronMind gripper is starting to rust. How do I keep it as shiny as it was on day one?

99.9% of people who train with grippers think they feel fine in both hands, but if you think your left hand has gotten short shrift, meet IronMind's Left-Turn grippers. They feature: IronMind's proprietary GR8-L™ springs: precise, durable, good-looking; Black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum handles; Precision manufacturing and peerless build quality for world-class performance; IronMind® stamped in the clear band mid-handle and model at the end of the handle Captains of Crush Compatible (CoC2).

The proprietary GR8™ springs on IronMind grippers are made from natural finish steel, and they will oxidize in a humid environment if left to their own devices—and this is cosmetic, not dysfunctional: it will affect the appearance, but not the performance of your gripper. On the other hand, it’s pretty simple to keep the springs on your IronMind gripper shiny and bright, even in challenging climates.

First, remove any oxidation with a light polishing cream to restore the spring to its original appearance. Then block moisture from the spring by wiping it down occasionally with anything from light oil, like WD-40, to car wax. If you prefer a durable protectant that also has a dry finish (unlike oil), you might want to give the Sentry Tuf-Cloth a try. Good gripper maintenance also calls for cleaning excess chalk from the knurling of the handles with a stiff, nylon bristle brush.


With IMTUG, you train one or two fingers at a time. And your thumb is not excluded: by training your pinch grip, you make sure that your thumb is working in powerful opposition to your digits for maximum holding strength and control.   Imagine: with IMTUG, you can target each finger individually to make it a worthy component of your total hand strength. As you strengthen your fingers, you improve the overall health and condition of your hand, increasing muscle balance, range of motion, and flexibility.


The bold, new way to train, Zenith is designed for strong and healthy hands in the 21st century. Its super smooth ride makes it hard to put down--you'll love it at first squeeze: warm-ups, cool-downs, prehab, rehab, conditioning and strength; silky-smooth handles and a no-bump ride; proprietary GR8-R springs, designed for low-gear, moderate-to-high rep training; precision manufacturing for superb build quality, and world-class performance, feel, and appearance; made in the USA; no-surprise geometry on all dimensions.

I like crickets and all, but my gripper is sounding like one. Is it defective? Can I do anything about it?

Not to worry: sometimes the edges of the coils on the spring rub against each other in just the perfect way to produce a creaking sound; it's not indicative of a structural problem, but if you find the sound annoying or distracting, a shot of light oil should dampen or eliminate it.


Is it cheating to put oil on the spring of my gripper?

No, absolutely not, but we appreciate that you are being so conscientious about this.



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