Grip Training for Shooters

Build your grip, shoot better



Let firearms expert and professional shooter Ron Avery tell you how he trained with IronMind's grip products to recover from surgery and rebuild "the grip strength in my hands to between 165 and 195 lb. My splits are in the .12 - .15 range, and on a good day I can do this speed out to 15 yards in practice with really good hits."

“For students of strongman or Olympic weightlifting contests, IronMind will be a company that you recognize. Specializing in strength tools for serious practitioners, their products are found worldwide . . . they have a series of grip strength tools that I thought would be just the ticket for what I needed to do."—Ron Avery – President, Director of Training, The Practical Shooting Academy, LLC

You'll find Grip Training for Handgunners, including Ron Avery's “Using Grip Products by IronMind” in the IronMind e-store, free with any order. You can also download a copy of this booklet here.


“These are at the core of my shooting hand strength program."
Captains of Crush Grippers: maximum strength, recoil control  IMTUG: The Two-Finger Utility Gripper. Isolate your trigger finger.Zenith: Strength and Conditioning           

“For rotational arm strength (to control gun torque in recoil) we decided on the Wrist Reinforcer, a leverage bar with a weight loaded on one end."
Wrist Reinforcer: Focus solely on the wrist--forearm with the Wrist Reinforcer. Lever it, do hold-outs for time, try circles and figure-eights--and work your wrists and forearms into one very strong and very solid unit.     Heavy Hammer Leverage Bar: Combine grip and wrist--forearm work. Train everything from your elbow to your fingertips in one movement--the 2" diameter handle will work your grip as you lever it up and down.    One Wicked Wrist Roller: If you don't have forearms like Popeye, give this wrist roller a try and start working those lower limbs, making them an offer they can't refuse: fall off or grow bigger and stronger.  The Wicked Wrist Roller trains your grip, wrist and forearm in a flexion/extension movement, like when doing wrist curls (regular and reverse). It is designed so that you train both concentrically (winding up the cord) and eccentrically (allowing it to unwind under control).   Twist Yo' Wrist: Give it a turn for strong wrists in all directions and a new way to pump up your forearms, training your grip strength at the same time.  The Twist Yo' Wrist trains both your grip, wrist and forearm, and the movement is radial and ulnar deviation--picture opening a jar of peanut butter with one hand on the lid, the other on the bottom of the jar and twisting. It is designed so that you train both concentrically (winding up the cord) and eccentrically (allowing it to unwind under control). 

“Building the muscles to withstand repetitive gripping and recoil shock as well as evening out the strength of the different opposing muscles is crucial to maintaining healthy hands and arms."


 Expand-Your-Hand Bands allow you to work in a dynamic range of motion for maximum grip strength and sparkling hand health: you'll want to train the extensor muscles of your hands to counteract all the squeezing you're doing when crushing grippers.  Warm-ups, active rest and recovery, stress-relief, repping out, or max efforts, the IronMind EGG can be squeezed as gently or as ferociously as you'd like.   Now with a wrist strap--take it for a walk! Use this friendly tool to gently loosen and stretch your joints, relieving pressure in the wrist area, and encouraging increased range of motion and flexibility.  If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries or cramping in your lower arm, a couple of minutes with this friendly tool can work wonders. Keep one on your desk or by your favorite chair at home--it will make your fingers dance instead of drag.   Find out how to train with the tools in your Strong and Healthy Hands Kit to prevent, reduce, or eliminate pains from your fingertips to your elbows.