Comparing IronMind Grippers

Find the gripper perfect for your needs and strength situation

When choosing an IronMind gripper, it's important to match your grip strength to your grip needs. IronMind offers 4 options:

IronMind Grippers

Captains of Crush maximum grip strength in fastest time
Zenith Strength and conditioning, rehab
IMTUG Individual finger strength; trigger finger (shooters); ring/pinkie fingers; close CoC gripper; play guitar
Left-Turn Grippers Left handers; maximum strength in fastest time
Captains of Crush Grippers
Original, authentic, unmatched—the gold standard for building and testing grip strength.  Designed to produce the quickest gains in grip strength.  Premium materials, proprietary elements, precision manufacturing and unrivaled customer support.  Available in 11 strengths for a perfect fit, whether you are just starting off, rehabilitating an injury, or can already crack coconuts with your bare hands.

• high-resistance, low-rep training

• designed to build grip strength quickly

• maximum strength gains

• knurled handes, GR8™ springs

• increasing resistance as handles close

• 11 strengths





Zenith Grippers
The bold, new way to train, Zenith is designed for strong and healthy hands in the 21st century. Its super smooth ride makes it hard to put down--you'll love it at first squeeze: warm-ups, cool-downs, prehab, rehab, conditioning and strength; silky-smooth handles and a no-bump ride; proprietary GR8-R springs, designed for low-gear, moderate-to-high rep training; precision manufacturing for superb build quality, and world-class performance, feel, and appearance; made in the USA; no-surprise geometry on all dimensions.

• endurance, conditioning

• designed for rehab, active rest, and strength training

• moderate to high reps, lower resistance

• silky-smooth handles, GR8™ spring

• smooth flow from open to close

• 6 strengths



IMTUG: The Two-Finger Utility Gripper

• target your individual fingers

• low reps, higher intensity

• work one or two fingers

• complete hand strength

• hemi-end handles, GR8™ springs

• 7 strengths





Left-Turn Grippers
99.9% of people who train with grippers think they feel fine in both hands, but if you think your left hand has gotten short shrift, meet IronMind's Left-Turn grippers. They feature: IronMind's proprietary GR8-L™ springs: precise, durable, good-looking; Black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum handles; Precision manufacturing and peerless build quality for world-class performance; IronMind® stamped in the clear band mid-handle and model at the end of the handle Captains of Crush Compatible (CoC2).

• high-resistance, low-rep training

• designed to build grip strength quickly

• maximum strength gains

• tailor-made for lefties

• knurled handles, GR™8 springs

• increasing resistance as handles close

• 4 strengths






  • Played high school sports and want to get back into training? CoC Trainer
  • Want to increase your 300-lb. deadlift? CoC No. 1
  • Work with your hands? CoC No. 1
  • Workout occasionaly and consider yourself strong? CoC Trainer
  • Coming off an injury, or don't consider yourself athletic? CoC Sport
  • Want to start your fifteen-year old son grip training? CoC Guide
  • Want a gripper for a woman? CoC Guide
  • Try Zenith Agility, for: rehab from injury, lowering blood pressure, suffer from arthritis
  • For lowering blood pressure, we recommend the Zenith Agility
  • If you are doing work sets on the CoC Trainer, we recommend the Zenith Trainer; if you are doing work sets on the No. 1, we reccommend the Zenith 1 . . . and so on
  • Use Zenith in tandem with Captains of Crush grippers to vary low to moderate/high rep training and for conditioning your hands on off days
  • Use the Zenith Trainer if you are rehabbing and trying to rebuld strength in your hand


IMTUG chart7_400
  • Can't quite put away a CoC No. 2? Hit your pinkie and ring fingers with an IMTUG3 or 4.
  • Want to certify on the CoC No. 3 or beyond? Meet IMTUG5, 6 and 7.
  • Want a portable way to train your pinch grip? IMTUG1, 2, or 3 should be in your pocket.