CoC² = Captains of Crush Compatible

The leading system for building grip strength


Captains of Crush Grippers:  What They Are and How to Close Them by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D., with Joe Kinney and Nathan Holle

This is the textbook for Grippers 101, required reading if you want to be smart on grippers or just get as strong as possible on them.

CoC® Silver Bullet

Developed in 2012, the CoC Silver Bullet combines strength, endurance, and power in one movement.  Perfect for training and competition, whether you think your hands are too big, too small, or just the perfect size for grippers.

CoC® Silver Bullet Disc

Very serious grip guys, contest organizers, and those who like modern art will want their own disc for training and competing.  2.5 kg calibrated.

CoC® Key: From Miles To Mils

Quit guessing and start gaining:  Here's a precise way to assess your performance and gauge your progress on CoC grippers.  Measure the gap between where you are and your goal.

 Captains of Crush Song CD by Trevor Laing

Play this song before your next grip workout and see if you don't get a PR.  Proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres).  1:54 minutes.

play it here

Captains of Crush Grippers Instruction Booklet

Basic training guide for the gold standard of grippers . . . Captains of Crush grippers. Free with purchase in e-store.

Download booklet here.

Meet IronMind's Captains of Crush grippers.

Zenith™ Gripper

For strength and conditioning.  Silky smooth handles and a smooth ride for high-rep training, a perfect complement to CoC training.

Download booklet here.

IMTUG™:  Two-Finger Utility Gripper

Train one or two fingers at a time.  Tune up your weak fingers, advance on CoCs, power up your pinch grip.  IMTUG is your best friend.

                                      Download booklet here.

Left-Turn Grippers: A new twist on grippers

Most people who train with grippers think they feel fine in both hands, but if you think your left hand has gotten short shrift, meet Left-Turn grippers.

Download booklet here.

Captains of Crush and IMTUG Caddies

A simple, easy way to keep your grippers at hand and in line, ready for training.

Captains of Crush ID Card

It IDs you as a special grip guy with membership in the largest, strongest grip community in the world.  First card free with the purchase of a Captains of Crush gripper.

4 Grippers, 1 Goal Booklet

IronMind offers 4 different hand grippers with 1 goal:  superior grip strength and hand health.  Use them as a team to target, buid, and maintain strong and healthy hands. Free with purchase in e-store.

Download booklet here.

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