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4 Grippers, 1 Goal: Strong and Healthy Hands


IronMind grippers–4 ways to get strong and healthy hands


CoC Gripper with ID Card

The fastest route to the strongest grip

  • The gold standard of grippers
  • Short, high-intensity workouts for maximum strength
  • Knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles, pioneered by Captains of Crush grippers in 1995
  • GR8™ springs found only on Captains of Crush grippers and IMTUGs: accurate, precise, durable
  • Precision manufacturing for world-class performance, feel, and appearance
Comes in 11 strengths.

Whether you are just beginning or you can crack coconuts in your bare hands, there is a perfect Captains of Crush gripper for you.

How strong do you need to be? Men* Women*
Fitness/weekend warrior Trainer Guide
Crossfitter  Point Five Sport
Kettlebell/ropes  No. 1 Trainer
Competitive handgun shooting  No. 1 Trainer
Rock climber  No. 1.5 Point Five
Arm wrestler  No. 2 No. 1
Olympic weightlifter/powerlifter  No. 2 No. 1
Law enforcement/military  No. 2 No. 1
Highland Games  No. 2 No. 1
Strongman  No. 2.5 No. 1.5
Gripmaster  No. 3 No. 2

*which Captains of Crush gripper you should be able to close (minimum recommendation)

Captains of Crush Certification:  The pinnacle of grip strength

Since 1991, certification on a Captains of Crush gripper has been the pinnacle of accomplishment in the grip strength world.  Close the CoC No. 3, No. 3.5, or No. 4 gripper (for women, close the CoC No. 2 or No. 2.5) according to the Rules for Closing and Certification, and your name will be added to our official list.

See the Captains of Crush grippers and Amazon pages for details.


Train one or two fingers at a time

  • Tune up your weak fingers, advance on Captains of Crush grippers, power up your pinch grip
  • Ergonomic handles for reduced pressure on soft tissue of hands

Comes in 7 strengths.

Use these IMTUGs to target your thumb and other fingers:

If you're doing work sets on: Pinch grip Ring/pinky Index/middle
Guide / Sport IMTUG1 IMTUG1 IMTUG2
Trainer / Point Five / No. 1 IMTUG2 IMTUG3 IMTUG4
No. 1 / No. 1.5 / No. 2 IMTUG3 IMTUG4 IMTUG5
No. 2 / No. 2.5 / No. 3 IMTUG4 IMTUG5 IMTUG6
No. 3 / No. 3.5 / No. 4 IMTUG5 IMTUG6 IMTUG7

See the IMTUG grippers and Amazon pages for more details.

New and FREE!  4 Grippers, 1 Goal booklet


This booklet tells you how to train with the winning team of IronMind's hand grippers: Captains of Crush, IMTUG, Zenith, and Left-Turn, for superior grip strength and strong and healthy hands.  It's free and ready to guide you in building your grip strength faster, stronger and better.

Download 4 Grippers 1 Goal training booklet.


Visit IronMind's Crushed-to-Dust!® grip tools.

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Strength and conditioning

  • Warm-ups, prehab, rehab, conditioning and strength
  • Silky-smooth handles and a smooth ride
  • GR8-R spring—precise, enduring, gradual for high-rep workouts

Comes in 6 strengths.

See the Zenith grippers and Amazon pages for details.

Left Turn Gripper_500

Tailor-made for lefties

  • Feels “just right” in your left hand
  • Train just as you would with Captains of Crush grippers
  • Black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum handles*
  • IronMind’s proprietary GR8-L™ springs: precise, durable, good-looking
  • Precision manufacturing for world-class performance, feel, and appearance
Comes in 4 strengths.

See the Left-Turn grippers and Amazon pages for details.

Triple Team Set

Get started on the road to strong and healthy hands, using the triple team of IronMind grippers:  Captains of Crush, IMTUG and Zenith.

Set includes CoC® Trainer, CoC No. 1, IMTUG3, Zenith Trainer

and Expand-Your-Hand Bands, for vital extensor training.*  Comes with 4 Grippers, 1 Goal training booklet.

*substitute any CoC/IMTUG for another CoC/IMTUG, and any Zenith for another Zenith gripper, by leaving a note at Check-out.