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Grip strength and hand health: it’s the same approach . . . it’s just a matter of degree

IronMind and Hand Health

Is it odd for the company that heads the class in grip strength also to be immersed in hand health?


We think not and here’s why.



Step 1 — Prevention & prehab

At IronMind, even though we live in a world where we regularly see  hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds moved by human muscle in a multitude of directions, we know the wisdom and truth of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound  of cure. Avoid injuries and you’ll never have downtime and you’ll never have to worry about rehabilitating them. That’s Step 1.

Step 2 — Recovery & corrective training

Step 2 is that once injured, being inert any longer than necessary only slows recovery and sometimes permanently limits the degree to which one can recover. While we are not medical professionals, we can say that with certainty that we have observed this time and again.

Step 3 — Rehab & therapy

Step 3 is that whether preventing an injury (prehabilitation) or coming back from one (rehabilitation), the same exercises that strengthen the target area are well suited for therapeutic purposes, too. That is why, incidentally, if you’ve ever tweaked your back, something along the line of strict squats and deadlifts can do wonders for getting you up and moving again.

Thus, what IronMind developed to help build maximum grip strength has equal value when applied to hand health—only a matter of degree separates the two.

While we will quickly say that we cannot give you medical advice or guarantee a magic wand, IronMind customers have achieved impressive results in the area of hand health, and we would like you to be our next success story . . . regaining whatever you have lost due to hand-related discomfort and preserving your hands for years to come.

Components of hand health

For all the work they do, your hands  require ongoing general maintenance for good hand health:

active rest light strength work on your “off” training days
conditioning daily exercises to keep hands limber and maintain joint mobility
rehab & therapy treating specific conditions (e.g., RSI, carpal tunnel, golf or tennis elbow, trigger finger, sprains); and recovery from surgery

IronMind’s Hand Health Tools

IronMind’s hand health products are available in our on-line store in the Hand Health department.

Strong and Healthy Hands Kits

Our Strong and Healthy Hands Kits are made to order for building and maintaining hand health and providing relief from arthritis, RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis or golf elbow, trigger finger, joint pain, and other lower-arm ailments.

Choose from among these vital training tools and a training guide for preventing, reducing, or eliminating hand, wrist and elbow pain:


IronMind® EGG: Easy, Grip Go!



Perfect for:

  • warm-ups or cool-downs when training with your Captains of Crush grippers and IMTUGs
  • active rest, speeding recovery between training sessions
  • stress relief throughout the day
  • grip workouts, for a python-like squeeze
  • 2 strengths: softer Green, with more give; and firmer Blue, for a stiffer squeeze
Expand-Your-Hand Bands™

For maximum strength and sparkling hand health, they are the fun, effective way to achieve muscle balance by working your extensors. Expand-Your-Hand Bands are perfect for everyone from Captains of Crush grip enthusiasts to nonagenarians who want to keep on doing what they like to do with their hands. Boost your strength and prevent, reduce or cure the pains associated with arthritis, overuse, abuse, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist Defender

Here’s a way to get some relief for those painful wrists. A couple of minutes with this friendly tool (it weighs about 1-1/4 lb.), gently loosening and stretching your joints as part of your overall Strong and Healthy Hands program, will make your fingers dance instead of drag.

Dexterity Balls and Training Course

With John Brookfield’s course giving you the moves, these balls are for use by hand strength specialists and everyone, from dentists to musicians, who could benefit from increased manual dexterity, range of motion, and muscle control, not to mention strength.

Strong Hands, Healthy Hands

IronMind's training guide for preventing, reducing, or eliminating hand pain. Find out how to keep your fingers, hands, and elbows in their prime.

Download Strong Hands, Healthy Hands training booklet.