Vulcan Racks III System: head of the class

World-famous squat racks, with options

More than strong enough for 1,000-lb. squats, Vulcan Squat Racks are light enough to move around easily and they have options that allow you to dip, chin, and do wrist roller work, as well as squat. With their 4' by 2' footprint, Vulcan Racks make it easy to do serious workouts at home. Proven for 30 plus years, they are the top choice for squat racks.

Vulcan Racks III Squat Racks

Height adjusts from 37-1/2" to 64"; width adjusts from 16-1/2" to 49".  Weighs 65 lb.; padded saddles.

The Vulcan Racks III System is available in many combinations and components in the IronMind e-store.

Here is what you need if you want to:

Vulcan Racks III System

Vulcan Racks III You Decide Double-Dip Bars

Dip heavy, dip often, and get the chest, shoulders, and tricpes you've been lusting after.  You decide whether you want your hands in a traditional parallel grip or turned at 45 degrees, which some people find more natural for their shoulders.  Width adjusts from 16-1/2" to 49"; standard height is 48-1/2" off the ground, but can be raised to 52-1/2".  Weighs 67 lb.  Available in the IronMind e-store:

  • No. 1311 Double-Dip Uprights only
  • No. 1312 You Decide Double-Dip Bars and Base
Vulcan Racks III Chinning Bar

If you do strict chins (no giant swings or kipping pull-ups, please), this setup will handle the heaviest weights you can dish out.  Super strong and super easy to break down for storage or transport, it slips easily into the Vulcan Racks Base.  Chinning Bar is a comfortable 1-1/2" in diameter and 49-1/2" long; height adjusts from 56-1/4" to 83-1/2".  Available in the IronMind e-store:       

Vulcan Racks III Wrist Roller Axle

Slide your One Wicked Wrist Roller on the Axle and blast your forearms until they are so fried, they have to grow.  Two options available:

1. use with the No. 1217-WRS VR III Wrist Roller Setup (thread through the sideposts)

2. use with the No. 1217 VR III Squat Racks (thread through the squat uprights)

Height adjusts from 37-1/2" to 69-1/2"; axle is 1-1/16" in diameter.  One Wicked Wrist Roller not included.

Available in the IronMind e-store:

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