Tough-As-Nails™ Sandbags*

Lift, load or carry—indoors and out

No stones or barrels? Or you just want a high-value training tool that taxes your body from fingertips to toes and can be used in a New York apartment as well as a Scottish field?
Meet IronMind Tough-As-Nails Sandbags, proven around the planet and a staple in the world's top strongman contests since 2005 and perfect for strength training and cardio fitness.

Two sizes, with or without liners and a book on sandbag training.

Large bag is 24" x 36" and holds about 300 lb. of sand
Small bag is 18" x 30" and holds about 100 lb. of sand
Cordura bag with taped and triple-stitched seams. Inner drawstring with a barrel lock closure, and exterior strap closure with a buckle. Made in the USA.


sandbag-linersTough mesh liner goes inside the Tough-As-Nails sandbag, comes with zip tie. Large (28" x 40") or small (20" x 36")



•  1 Large Tough-As-Nails sandbag, 2 large liners and a copy of The Complete Sandbag Training Course by Brian Jones

•  1 Small Tough-As-Nails sandbag, 2 small liners and a copy of The Complete Sandbag Training Course by Brian Jones



The Complete Sandbag Training Course by Brian Jones

01_SandBag Cover50

Loaded with fresh ideas, sandbag training for strength and stamina.




 IronMind Tough-As-Nails Sandbags at World's Strongest Man

"I love the bags," Dione Wessels, North American Strongman president, told IronMind. "They are the only sandbags that have not ripped in a show, as well as [being] easy to fill and reset."
Want to see what happens when an IronMind Sandbag loaded to 304 lb. is dropped from arm's length overhead by the 6' 7" Dave Ostlund, veteran of six World's Strongest man contests? We don't call them Tough-As-Nails for nothing.


*Coarse sand is the standard filler, but choose something less dense if you want the same volume with less weight.