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Bags, lifting straps, performance wear . . . IronMind has a tradition of bringing its vision and proven quality to some areas of the iron game that have been long overlooked. Here’s to your next PR.
PR Clothing

Whether hot or cold, lifting heavy or running far, IronMind Performance Wear is designed for any condition. See IronMind's full PR clothing line in the IronMind e-store.

LRT Workout -Shirt LRT Workout Shirt


PT Proven Cap

IronMind T-shirts
IronMind T-shirt - Are you hanging around the right bars? Are you hanging around the right bars?

What's your number?

Tough-As-Nails Bags
IronMind's Tough-As-Nails™ Bags are proven for years around the world; great-looking; and constructed of super-tough Cordura in task-specific designs—all made in the USA, of course. Going strong since 1993.

Whether you're on the go to competitions, the job, the gym-wherever!- our Tough-As-Nails™ Bags are up to the task, making sure your goods go with you easily and efficiently.

Training Must Haves

towel IronMind Gym Towel

We've got you covered. Essentials when training or competing, IronMind has the gear that will make a huge difference in your performance. Find IronMind's training gear and accessories in the e-store. For information about IronMind's world-famous lifting straps--the choice of the world's strongest men--see our Lifting Straps page.

tape Johnson and Johnson's Coach Athletic Tape

IronMind Gym Chalk

IronMind Posters
Zlaten Vanev Grit Poster Zlaten Vanev Grit Poster

Lu Xiaojun Snatch Pulls Poster

Hit your next PR with IronMind's inspirational posters!

Strength equipment
headstrap copy A Headstrap Fit For Hercules

Find IronMind's complete line of strength training tools in the IronMind e-store.


Eagle Loops