IronMind Dumbbells

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IronMind offers dumbbells that work—hard—in any gym:
Big Boy Dumbbell Bars™

If you don't know who Chuck Ahrens* is and if you're interested in building big strong shoulders, you should do 300-pound one arm presses . . . the best pressers around in the 1950s and 1960s could do these and that’s the gene pool that our Big Boys come from.

*Hint: read Bruce Wilhelm's article, "Chuck Ahrens: The Reclusive Powerhouse," MILO, April 1994, Vol. 2, No.1.

For more on the legendary Pat Casey, take a look at:

Get a fresh outlook on training with dumbbells, kettlebells, and more in MILO: Strength.

Plate-loaded or fixed-weight?

Fixed-weight means that each dumbbell is a predetermined weight, so you don't have to change anything, often there are no collars to check or tighten, and the design can be more compact. On the other hand, when you need to go up or down in weight, you have to start all over, buying heavier or lighter dumbbells, which involves additional money and space.

With plate-loaded dumbbells, you start with the bars, collars, and a pile of plates—from these elements, you mix and match, creating whatever weight you need, saving you money and space.

Both are reasonable, proven choices, and at IronMind, we focus on the plate-loaded variety because our interest is always in having you get more from less, whenever possible.

Bulldog II Collars™

Retro-tech is the story here: collars that require a wrench and hang on so tight that they bite into the bar.

Olympic Husky Handle DB Bars

If you want the advantages of thick-handled dumbbell bars for Olympic-style plates, these beauties are for you.