IronMind Certification/World Records/Extra Attempts: General Guidelines

At the 2012 IronMind Record Breakers (held by Odd Haugen at the San Jose FitExpo), Adam Glass hauled up 100 kg to win the Little Big Horn, and as nobody has since exceeded Adam’s mark, what was then taken as an American record has burgeoned into no less than the de facto world record. Randall J. Strossen photo Reprinted with permission from the 2014 (Volume 23) IronMind catalog

Code of Conduct

Athletes are expected to comport themselves respectfully and appropriately at all times, and IronMind reserves the right to dismiss or disqualify any attempt, person, certification or record for behavior that does reflect respect, honesty and integrity.

World Records

World records must be broken by a minimum increment of 1 kg.

Extra Attempts

An extra attempt may be permitted at the discretion of the contest organizer, but only for the winner of the event, and only if he or she is attempting a new world record.

  1. Any extra attempt must be done before the awards ceremony, and must be done with the same equipment and referee as were used for the in-contest attempts.
  2. Any extra attempt must be announced immediately after the final attempt taken within that event, and in all cases it must take place before the awards ceremony.


*Effective November 1, 2015