Grip Training for Golfers

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A strong grip is essential to golf. Pros tend to have greater maximum grip strength than amateurs and—somewhat paradoxically—stronger hands allow you to have a more relaxed grip while maintaining head control and consistent body mechanics.


When we say “grip,” most people think of what IronMind would call crushing grip, which focuses on your closing your four fingers—whether shaking hands or gripping a golf club. The single best tool for increasing your crushing grip is Captains of Crush grippers. If you are interested in training for stamina as well as strength, you might prefer Zenith grippers. And for people who think their left hand deserves special attention, there are Left-Turn grippers.



   Captains of Crush Grippers                               Zenith Grippers                                    Left-Turn Grippers


Complementing the flexors are the extensors—these are the muscles that open the hand. Training the extensors along with the flexors promotes a healthy lower arm, and since golf (as well as tennis) elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist injuries are not uncommon to golfers, correct training can help prevent, reduce or eliminate associated pains. The extensors are also active, just as the flexors, when making a shot in golf—they help stabilize your grip as your flexors contract.

Expand-Your-Hand Bands

To target the extensors, IronMind developed Expand-Your-Hand Bands, a fun, progressive way to increase the strength of your extensors.

Looking for another way to improve your golf game? IronMind’s Twist Yo’ Wrist will also help with head control as it trains everything from the elbows down to your fingertips, for gains in strength and conditioning.


Twist Yo’ Wrist

Unlike a conventional wrist roller, the Twist Yo’ Wrist focuses on what is called radial and ulnar deviation—think of holding a peanut butter jar sideways and unscrewing the lid.







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