Expand-Your-Hand Bands

Hello muscle balance, goodbye pain

Enjoy sparkling hand health, speed recovery and accelerate your grip strength gains with Expand-Your-Hand Bands—the simple, effective way to:

  • Kiss elbow pain goodbye
  • Develop muscle balance, speed recovery and reinforce full range of motion mobility
  • Prevent, eliminate or reduce pain from tennis or golfer's elbow, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related forms of overuse and abuse

Enjoy sparkling hand health and accelerate your grip strength gains with Expand-Your-Hand Bands. You'll want to train the extensor muscles of your hands to counteract all the squeezing you're doing when crushing grippers, and Expand-Your-Hand Bands allow you to work in a dynamic range of motion for maximum grip strength and hand health.

A fun, dynamic way to work your extensors, Expand-Your-Hand Bands help you achieve muscle balance and prevent, reduce, or cure the sort of pains associated with arthritis, overuse, abuse, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Get ready to kiss that elbow pain goodbye!

5 strengths, color-coded for progressive levels of resistance. For warming up, prehab, rehab—perfect for stress relief. Made of latex-free rubber for greater stretch, longer life. Comes with two sets of 5 bands (10 bands total).

Use them anywhere, anytime, every day: carry one in your pocket, keep a set in your car or office and another one at home.


Watch our YouTube video on the Expand-Your-Hand Bands here.