MILO - A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes


MILO®: A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes



December 2012, Vol. 20, No. 3

Ilya Ilyin (Kazakhstan) put on quite a show at the London Olympics as he set five world records, including this 233-kg clean and jerk, and five Olympic records on his way to winning the gold medal in the 94-kg class. Randall J. Strossen photo.


MILO®: A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes

This 80-page book comes out four times a year, with training ideas, top contest results, world champion photos, strength athletes' stories, and more.   MILO is your best training partner for strongman, grip, Olympic-style weightlifting, stone lifting, and Highland Games.  Let MILO fire up your workouts for PRs.

MILO is written by people who are up to their eyeballs
   in the strength world
. . . we’re on the field, in the gym,
   next to the platform, pressed against the table.

MILO is where you meet the biggest names in the strength
   world—giving you training advice that works, introducing you
   to the champions, and giving you reports of record from the
   Olympics and world championships.

• Providing inspiration and information, MILO will help get you
   to your goals.

Stoke your mental fires, strengthen your body.

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MILO packages, groups of issues based around such popular topics as World’s Strongest Man and bodyweight training, and how-to articles on such topics as squats and grip strength. 

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From Our Archives
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