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Training Hall DVDs

1993 World W/L Champs T-H


Heavy Metal in Melbourne

The original IronMind video that introduced the concept of training hall videos. 



 1994 World W/L Champs T-H


Turkish Tune-up

From Mutlu and Suleymanoglu up through Taimazov, Chemerkin, and Kurlovich. 



1995 World W/L Champs T-H--Part 1


Challenge in China

Amazing lifting in the training hall in Guangzhou, China. Part 1. 



1995 World W/L Champs T-H--Part 2

1323-tChallenge in China

Amazing lifting in the training hall in Guangzhou, China. Part 2. 



 1997 World W/L Champs T-H--Part 1


Thai Titans

A few rough camera moments but stunning lifting in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Part 1



1997 World W/L Champs T-H--Part 2 


Thai Titans

A few rough camera moments but stunning lifting in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Part 2.



1998 European Champs T-H


Go Power in Germany

Many top Bulgarians in action; a very rare opportunity to watch Russian star Andrei Chemerkin train.



1998 World W/L Champs T-H


A Lahti Lifting

85-kg Dursun Sevinc (Turkey) front squats 280 kg; 77-kg Idalberto Arranda (Cuba) back squats 290 kg for a double.



 1998 Bulgarian T-H


 Unbelievable Bulgarians

A rare glimpse into their world one week prior to leaving for the 1998 Worlds. DVD NTSC version.



1999 European Champs T-H

1357-tLowdown in La Coruna

85-kg Georgi Gardev (Bulgaria) and Polish phenomenon Szymon Kolecki.




1999 World W/L Champs T-H

1366-tGonzo in Greece

200-kg snatches; see the old master Anatoli Khrapati tuning up for his last Worlds.



2001 Creating Champions T-H


Pre-Worlds Training Hall

Watch, among others, Szymon Kolecki and Geogi Asanidze train under the master coach Ivane Grikurovi one month before the 2001 Worlds. 



 2001 World W/L Champs T-H



Jaber snatches 200 kg for two singles; Marc Huster and Shahin Nassirinia train, for starters.


Competition DVDs

1995 World W/L Champs Comp.


Guangzhou Gold

Performances here determined the number of 1996 Olympic weightlifting berths awarded to each country, so everyone came out of the woodwork to score team points. 


1996 European W/L Champs Comp.


Stavanger Strength Fest

See Leonid Taranenko in his last meet.




1997 European W/L Champs Comp.

1337-tCroatian Celebration

The Turkish team hits the platform running; Huster and Gotfried go after their respective world records in the clean and jerk; the latest crop of Bulgarians.


1997 World W/L Champs Comp.


Chiang Mai Champs

See Chemerkin's mind-boggling 262.5-kg clean and jerk, not to mention the clutch clean and jerk Wes Barnett made to end the USA medal drought.



1998 European W/L Champs Comp.


Riesa Rumble

Intense world-standard lifting from one superb contest.



1998 World W/L Champs Comp.


Fireworks in Finland

This Worlds had it all: close battles, world records, do-or-die lifts.



1999 European W/L Champs Comp.


Spanish Shoot-out

Countdown to Sydney: ferocious dogfight in the 69s and 77s, Huster pushed to the limit by the young Gardev in the 85s, and 17-year-old Szymon Kolecki defeating two-time Olympic gold medalist Akakios Kakiashvilis in the 94s.

1999 World W/L Champs Comp.


Action in Athens 

What a Worlds! . . . what you see will blow your mind.



1999 Worlds Super Sunday W/L Comp.


Super Sunday

Full coverage of the super heavyweight A session.




2000 European W/L Champs Comp.


Sizzling in Sofia

Sizzling lifting from Mutlu to Danielyan prior to the Sydney Olympics; includes Vanev, Kolecki, and Asanidze.



 2001 World W/L Champs Comp.


Let's Talk Turkey

Starts as 56-kg Halil Mutlu breaks the world record in the snatch and nearly breaks the record in the clean and jerk and total as well; and ends with super Saeed Jaber sweeping the golds with 210/263.

 2002 World W/L Champs Comp.


Polish Proving Ground

Hossein Rezazadeh snatches 210 kg with ease and how about his 263-kg clean and jerk? Zlaten Vanev (85 kg) comes out of eighth place to take home all the marbles with his second attempt 217.5-kg clean and jerk.