The Crushed-to-Dust!® Cube

For Building Superior Grip Strength

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In the early 1990s, IronMind presented the concept that grip strength was composed of 3 main movements: crushing, pinching, and supporting. While this framework was easy to grasp, as it were, it had its drawbacks, with overlaps and gaps in the 3 categories. It clearly needed an overhaul.

It was a lightbulb moment in 2009 when the Crushed-to-Dust!® (CTD) Cube was born. This system solved all the problems that the earlier crushing–pinching–supporting typology presented, with better direction and more accurate information about how IronMind’s grip tools and grip training aligned with its customers’ goals and applications.

The world of grip training had evolved hugely over the past 20 years and the time was ripe for a big leap forward in how we approached grip strength . . . the CTD Cube has taken grip strength into the 21st century.

Here it is, the CTD Cube for building superior grip strength and hand health. No matter what your grip application, the CTD Cube will help you target your training for top performance.

Grip Strength has 3 Dimensions

1. Prime mover: where is the force coming from?


crushing: your 4 fingers provide the power, as when shaking hands

Pinching - the thumb provides the power, as when pinch gripping plates


pinching: the thumb provides the power, as when lifting a Blob

2. For each of these prime movers, let's anchor 2 hand positions, closed or open:





closed hand: e.g., when you are finishing off a gripper

Pinching - the thumb provides the power, as when pinch gripping plates

open hand: e.g., when you are lifting a thick bar, such as the Apollon's Axle™ or Rolling Thunder®


Crushing - your 4 fingers provide the power, as when shaking hands



closed hand: e.g., when you are pinch gripping a thin object, like a narrow barbell plate

Pinching - the thumb provides the power, as when pinch gripping plates

open hand: e.g.when you are pinch gripping a thick object, like a Blob


3. For any of these 4 possibilities, the intensity of the effort can take two different forms:

 Not just for one-arm deadlifts, the Rolling Thunder is also a tool of first choice for pull-ups, and very soon, IronMind will be recognizing the world’s best performances for Rolling Thunder Pull-ups, so train up and get your name on the board. IronMind® | Image ©IronMind



1-rep maximum effort, like doing a PR lift on the IronMind Hub, or closing the toughest Captains of Crush® gripper you can

 Endurance, whether for time, such as the Hercules Hold in the strongman world, or for reps, such as a rock climber working on a series of hard moves

Endurance, whether for time, such as the CoC Silver Bullet Hold in the grip world, or for reps, such as lifting the Inch dumbbell, or doing an obstacle course race or a long traverse in rock climbing


It’s that simple:

2 prime movers x 2 hand positions x 2 intensities = 8 facets of grip strength

Supporting role

The lower arm stabilizes the hand, allowing you to deliver maximum grip strength. The extensors also help stabilize the hand, providing power and muscle balance.

Using the CTD Cube puts you on the fastest, surest route to the superior grip strength and hand health you’re seeking. Each of IronMind’s Crushed-to-Dust! grip tools is designed to help you train and achieve success in each of the 8 different types of grip strength.

You’ll find the complete line of Crushed-to-Dust! grip tools in the IronMind e-store.


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Since we opened our doors in 1988, IronMind has led the charge in the grip world: developing new products; recognizing superior performance; and elevating its importance.

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As you explore the IronMind grip world—the land of Crushed-to-Dust!—remember that our products and training principles are dual purpose: they both lead to greater grip strength and to improved hand health, a double benefit.

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