IronMind Belts


Pound your legs, but give your back a break

Welcome to the world of hip belt squats: they allow you to squat with no pressure on your spine—and no load on your lumbars. And because the weight is always under you, there's no need for racks or spotters. You use less weight—and get big-time quads for your efforts.

The SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt features IronMind's propeirtary Wicked-Strong™ construction. It's perfect for weighted dips and chins, pulls and drags...and if you want to do 2-ton partials, you're covered, too. Proven worldwide since 1990.

Use SUPER SQUATS® Hip Belt to:

  • eliminate stress on your lower back and spine
  • squat safely, with the weight always under you
  • bulk up or trim down
  • give your body and mind a break from squatting with a bar on your back
  • add altitude to your vertical jump

youtubeWatch our YouTube video on the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt.

De Rigueur Dipping Belt™

Industrial strength and engineered for heavy lifting–it handles half-ton dips and chins with confidence—the De Rigueur Dipping Belt is light and comfortable, looks sharp, and goes anywhere.

1,000 lb. loads are no sweat; works well for weighted chains and for basic pulling and dragging.  

 12 inch pin 3 15 inch pin 3

Pair your IronMind belt with an IronMind 15" Olympic or 12" Exercise Loading Pin for a fast, easy way to change weights.



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