What Our Customers Say About Us

MILO magazine is superb. I treasure my MILO Journals that I receive through my subscription. Your customer service and products are of the highest quality.—N.C., Vancouver, BC, Canada 

Love your [ MILO] magazine—nice to see someone telling the truth about hard work and no short cuts.—E .D., Jersey City, NJ 

MILO has articles for every type of iron worker; it is great.—R.C., North York, ON, Canada 

I received the December 2004 [ MILO] issue and just wanted to let you know that it is worth every cent. I really, really, really love the MILO magazine and spent all weekend reading it and sharing it with friends who had not heard of it! Great stuff!—J.G., Zebulon, NC 

. . . I’d like to let you guys know that the quality of the items is excellent. The Headstrap [Fit for Hercules] is amazing.—S. S., Massena, Netherlands 

It’s no surprise that your Headstrap Fit for Hercules is yet another top quality IronMind product. It’s light-years ahead of all of the others I checked out, knowing all the while I wouldn’t find another one that would even come close, although I did find quite a few ill-fitting very-thick-leather-and-sheepskin models that left lots of strange looking fuzz in my hair. The best part is that it definitely confirmed my long held belief that “neck strength must be the logical and natural extension of core strength.”—M.H., Huntington Beach, CA 

The training hall tapes are outstanding! What great motivation.—F.W., Rochester, MN 

In the past I have purchased the training hall tapes and have found them invaluable in teaching and motivating the kids I work with.—K.G., Tacoma, WA 

I recently ordered two [training hall] DVDs (Unbelievable Bulgarians and Heavy Metal in Melbourne) and a [competition] tape (A Lahti Lifting) and my chief complaint about them is that after spending nearly a week straight watching these videos, I need more since it wasn’t enough of a fix. You didn’t lace them with drugs, did you? (Just kidding.)—T.F., Mississauga, ON, Canada 

I received my order of Vulcan Racks II today. The UPS guy was not too happy with the weight of the package, but that is what happens when soft people deal with hardcore items. Of course, I had to rip the box open and get at it. I whipped out 5 sets of 20 dips in the terrible Virginia heat and patted myself on the back for making the purchase. Time and time again your products exceed my expectations!—D.H., Virginia Beach, VA 

Your equipment is first class. I still have not lifted on anything better than the Vulcan Squat Racks. They are so perfect I want to cry.—D.C., via e-mail. 

I received the Outer Limit Loops and Eagle finger Loops yesterday. Let me say that I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the material. Not only that, but even the design impresses me . . . Please continue to keep the quality high.—J.B., Glen Allen, VA 

The Holle-It-Up Dumbbell . . . is an incredible product! You’re right, “properly positioned” in the hand, this is one very serious grip tool. The high demand on the thumb is what I especially like. It almost feels like a Blob–thick bar combo rolled into one product.—C.L., Los Angeles, CA 

I have been the proud owner of the Beefy Buffalo Bar, for 11 years, and it has been the single most beautifully painful device I have ever owned! . . . The craftsmanship is second to none.—T.T., Elko, NV

I train alone since no decent gym exists anywhere near where I live and your dipping belt is manna from the skies above. . . . I complain less about living in a third world country with third-rate gyms and concentrate on lifting heavier. My mother sometimes calls me “ ekalabya,” a mythical character in the Mahabharata who taught himself to be a master archer all by himself, which was real tough, you see, because he belonged to an economically and socially backward class of that ancient society. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you for providing such quality equipment and for the awesome catalogues you have sent—they are a great source of motivation to me.—A.D., Kolkata, India 

I love the Apollon’s Axle thick bar! My forearms and hands and grip feel it on everything I use it for: bench press, squats, cleans, reverse curls, etc. Also, the speed with which you guys had it delivered to me in the hinterlands of Alaska was incredible!—J.S., Fairbanks, AK 

An absolutely fantastic website! First class! We are just getting into hand, wrist, and forearm work as part of a baseball conditioning program. Using your CoC grippers and leverage bars has allowed us to make great bat speed gains. The website is truly a resource and as our program develops we use more of your products. Thank you for filling a serious void in our training.—S.M., Cranston, RI 

You sell the best, top-quality, training products around. Just Protein is the best tasting protein powder on the market. The best part is, it doesn’t have all of the bad stuff in it to attempt to make it taste good.—S.B., Walnut Creek, CA 

I just got my order for the Twist Yo’ Wrist and I love it very much.—D.S., Oxford, ME 

I just wanted to thank you for prompt shipping and help in my [purchase of the Pillars of Power] squat safety stands. They work perfectly for what I need them for, especially when my training partner doesn’t show up, which is frequently.—G.H., Cresskill, NJ 

I would like to personally thank Dr. Strossen for responding about my sore forearm tendons. I really think the Expand Your Hand Bands are working. Thanks for your time and caring.—M.P., Auburn, AL


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