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I’m a 23-year-old grad student at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. I purchased a Captains of Crush Trainer and was beyond impressed with its appearance, functionality, and craftsmanship. . . .Unfortunately two weeks ago my off campus apartment caught on fire and with the exception of a few scattered clothes and a pair of old tennis shoes, I lost pretty much all my possessions . . . Amongst the debris of ash, smoke, and water damage I spotted my gripper in the corner of the room. Sure enough it still has a little kick left . . . The Trainer was not only my lone source of training sans a few bodyweight exercises, but it was quite therapeutic whenever I’d get a little anxious with the reality of the situation.—A.H., Tallahassee, FL 

The Crush grippers arrived today. I’m thrilled! I unwrapped each one and proceeded to try them out. . . . I’d swear that they were made just for me!—P.S., Califon, NJ 

I picked up the Trainer, No. 1 and No. 2 for myself, and a Trainer and a Sport for two friends. Only problem is I think the No. 2 is defective—it doesn’t want to close all the way, hmmm . . . just kidding, that sucker’s tuff!—G.G., Gillett, PA 

I got the No. 1 and No. 2 [Captains of Crush Grippers] . . . They really are tough and I can’t wait to laugh at my friends, who think they are strong, attempt these. They came in a top-notch state and I enjoyed reading the catalog.—P.B., Joondanna, WA, Australia 

The CoC grippers arrived today. I am extremely happy with them as they are everything IronMind advertises them to be! The quality is just exceptional as is the customer service at IronMind.—B.K., Sale, VIC, Australia 

Your [Captains of Crush] grippers gave me a way to get stronger after the “sporting goods store” versions just didn’t cut it anymore. You make amazingly effective training aids at reasonable prices—you couldn’t ask for anything more.—B.B., via e-mail. 

I love training with the CoC grippers and my grip has improved dramatically since I began two years ago.—R.S., St. Petersburg, FL 

Thanks for sending the lovely CoC hand grippers so promptly. I love them already.—M.T., Bennetts Green, NSW, Australia 

Your grippers are fantastic! . . . I’ve increased my hand strength substantially since I started working out with them, and believe it or not, they have improved my bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and many other lifts by as much as 5%, which is definitely significant.—M.V., Altoona, PA 

I just purchased the Trainer and the No. 1 [Captains of Crush] grippers. . . . these things are addictive!—M.P., Staten Island, NY 

Thank you, guys, for the awesome service you provided when I recently ordered your No. 1 Captains of Crush gripper. . . . I was amazed at the difference! The quality is incredible, and I can barely squeeze it shut.—M.S., Colorado Springs, CO 

Thank you for all for the cool stuff that your company has to offer. I am in love with my [Captains of Crush] Grippers.—R.S., Yakima, WA 

Thank you, again, for such a quality item as the Draft Horse Pulling Harness that you offer. Other sites, even ones that offer a harness, have told me that IronMind is the gold standard for a harness.—E.T., Greenlawn, NY 

I bought your book IronMind: Stronger Minds, Stronger Bodies and I did not really take the time to read it, so now I have read three-fourths of the book and I can’t believe [the number of problems] that I have had for the past two years of training WITHOUT this information. Now it sits under my Bible next to my bed.—D.D., St. Jean Richelieu, QC, Canada 

I’m reading Powerlifting Basics, Texas-style right now, this book rocks and is very inspirational.—J.S., Hazel Park, MI

I thoroughly enjoyed The Stone Lifter. I have been training for four years and I enjoyed [Steve Jeck’s] uplifting message through his parable . . . Plato’s Cave Parable and Miller’s Death of a Salesman came into my mind. . . . I will actually loan my copy out to my brother who has been trying to get his health back on track during the past years.—L.C., Basking Ridge, NJ 

I purchased the book Bodyweight Exercises for Extraordinary Strength earlier this year and have been doing some of the exercises (e.g., teeter-totter pushups, wall slides), and would like to compliment [author Brad Jones] . . . It’s a wonderful book, unique, and well-written as well as being well thought out and well laid out. . . .—G.L., Mascot, NSW, Australia 

Thanks to Dr. Strossen’s wonderful book SUPER SQUATS I feel ready to begin training to compete in local strongman competition. Truly a great miracle, as three years ago I was actually in a hospitable bed with a respirator down my throat, I also thank the One above for leading me to your company and to this book in particular.—E.H., Los Angeles, CA 

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Paul Anderson book. You did a great job of explaining the impact that Paul had on the strength world and his Christian ministry.—C.L., Poughkeepsie, NY 

Recently I purchased IronMind: Strong Minds, Stronger Bodies and Winning Ways. I’ve almost completed the first book and am completely intrigued; some of the book has me saying “Huh, I kind thought that” while other parts have me saying “Wow, that’s why I didn’t get that goal.”—L.B., Country Harbour, NS, Canada 

I received my Rolling Thunder yesterday. I just love it. It will be used often along with my Nos. 1, 2 and Trainer CoCs. Great products.—B.V., Lockport, LA 

My wife got me a set of your kettlebell handles for my fifty-second birthday. . . . After several weeks of incorporating the bells in my workouts I wish that I would have been using these things 30 years ago. What an outstanding shoulder workout when using the KBs for alternate presses. I have been doing behind-the-neck presses for many years with some pretty good weight but it can’t compare to the feeling you get with the bells. Between the legs swings are another favorite of mine. . . . You can’t beat the single-loaded kettlebell for [dumbbell swings] either. . . . I’m sure that my new kettlebells will be passed down to my Grandson one day!—J.K., Parkville, MD 

I have just received my Fabled Cables and I have to tell you—WOW! . . . I am very pleased.—J .H., Seattle, WA 

I’m spending the year traveling throughout Canada and the U.S., and find the Fabled Cables an invaluable tool for keeping in shape…they’re very portable, yet versatile.—M.H., Winnipeg, MB, Canada


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