What Our Customers Say About Us

Just received my second order of goods from you. . . . it’s a pleasant surprise and says a lot about customer service to find such attention to detail in terms of packaging. - S.L., Peterborough, Great Britain 

I have bought a lot of items from you guys over the years and never, ever had a problem. Your products are top drawer and your “no questions asked” service was prompt and a pleasure to deal with. - M.K., St. Johns, MI 

I must tell you that I’m most impressed about your service. . . . All the products I ordered are even better than I expected. Your company and products have also had tremendous influence on my motivation. - T.I., Virrat, Finland 

Whoa!!! Dude, I did not know the man is going to respond to my email. It is an honor to see that. Back in the days, I read articles in IRONMAN magazine with your column, that got me hooked on IronMind. Just seeing the email and that you responded just makes me more motivated to train harder. . . . I think I’m going to print it out and frame it.—M.H., Fairfield, CA 

You have a great thing going with IronMind. The follow-through with the customers, the great products, and the care and attention to detail impress me greatly. I recommend IronMind to everyone. - M.C., Las Vegas, NV 

I couldn’t be happier with IronMind. I’m a psychologist, and do some organizational consulting. I really do appreciate how you take care of business. - B.F., Sacramento, CA 

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your outstanding customer service. Being in Iraq, I wasn’t sure how soon or in what condition my IronMind package would arrive in, but I received it in ten days in perfect condition. You once again prove to be an exceptional company with high quality products and great service. - L.O., Spooner, WI 

Thank you so much for your professionalism and customer service. It is quite refreshing to have dealings with a company such as IronMind who believe in what they do or actually care about others.—D.H., Wilmington, NC 

Super service as usual. I love dealing with you folks. - D.O., Grande Cache, AB, Canada 

Thank you, sir, for your reply, and you have every right to brag!! Your products are the best! Not only that but your customer service is also superior.—B.H., via e-mail. 

Thanks for processing all orders in a professional and timely matter. . . . Nobody does business quite like you I buy at least two things from IronMind a month, and now that I know the horrible truth about other companies, will stay a loyal customer to IronMind. - R.O., Newark, DE 

I received my first issue of MILO in Iraq in less than two weeks. The packages from home don't get here that fast - R.B., APO, AE 

As always, your company continues to outperform itself. - J.M., Co. Tipperary, Ireland 

You really do stand for your name and definitely put your customers first! - S.D., Zichron-Ya’acov, Israel 

I greatly appreciate your looking into and resolving the matter in a timely fashion. Not only did you handle the situation professionally, you kept the communication lines open and there are not a lot of companies out there that actually follow through with their policies in customer service. Fortunately, you are one of the companies that do take pride in ensuring the customer's satisfaction. - F.P., via e-mail. 

You answered my question in its entirety and for that I am quite grateful.—S.A., Fort Lauderdale, FL

I’d like the IMTUG5—working the 4 already has got me very close to the No. 2 [Captains of Crush Gripper]. Hopefully the IMTUG5 will have me closing it in my sleep.—K.L., London, England 

. . . an IMTUG that I bought from you has made a difference in strengthening my grip. Even though I could close a No. 1 [Captains of Crush Gripper] 25 times, I would struggle to close a No. 2 even once. I then bought an IMTUG4 and it helped me to bridge the gap to where I have now closed the No. 2 with conviction two workouts in a row.—P.A., Framingham, MA 

I have received the IMTUG4. It is very well made, powerfully built. It is very hard to put down!—G.P., Batavia, OH 

I just want to say that your mini grippers [IMTUGs] are magic!—B.S.A., Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Just wanted to let you know I like the IMTUG. . . one of my goals this year is to be able to no-set close the No. 3 [Captains of Crush Gripper]. I have always been close but now I really want to get it done with authority. I think the IMTUGs are a great way to do this. Very cool product.—J. J., Wyalusing, PA 

I got IMTUG1 thru 4 for Christmas. I worked out with them this morning and think they are awesome. . . . The pinch grip exercise is great and I like doing separate fingers for crushing. . . . I guess I was in an Iron (state of) Mind!—E.Z., Garden City Park, NY 

I ordered an IMTUG and can’t wait to try it. Everyone I know who has gotten one loves them. Arm wrestlers are interested as well, as you can isolate your bottom two fingers for guys who like to hook and the top two fingers for top rollers.—A.S., West Richland, WA 

I received my IMTUG3 today, and have given it its first test drive. I can tell you that no other exercise or piece of equipment I’ve used, has ever worked my little fingers as intensively and directly as the IMTUG. . . . Thanks for yet another outstanding and innovative product.—R.H., San Jose, CA 

Just wanted to say WOW! you folks have done it again . . . originally I thought the IMTUG was going to be sort of a novelty item . . . no way! . . . it is an awesome training tool, great for individual or group training of the fingers.—M.W., Vancouver, WA 

I have just received my Captains of Crush Trainer and No. 1 Grippers. . . I am impressed by their sturdiness and durability.—M.P., Staten Island, NY 

I received my CoC Grippers (Trainer, No. 1, No. 2) and I am already having a lot of fun with them.—J.F., Hewitt, NJ

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