IronMind Pinch Grip Tools

Power up your pinch grip, including your thumb

IMTUG Grippers

Target your training: focus on one or two fingers at a time--even your thumb and pinch grip. 




IronMind Hub

A staple at grip competitions worldwide and part of the Crushed-to-Dust! Challenge, the IronMind Hub lets you build and test your pinch grip in this classic feat of grip strength.




titans telegraph key


Titan's Telegraph Key™ I

Thumbs up for pinch grip power! Put the Titan's Telegraph Key in your arsenal for weapons-grade thumb and finger strength.



 IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block with Loading Pin and Clip-cut2

IronMind Block

Build and test your pinch grip with maximum lifts and holds--try strolling with it!--and even lateral raises. The harder you squeeze, the stronger you get.



12 inch pin 3


12" Standard Plate Loading Pin

It's an easy way to hold a stack of barbell plates for the IronMind Hub and Block (not to mention the Rolling Thunder, De Rigueur Dipping Belt, Headstrap for Hercules, etc.). The exercise loading pin is 12" long and 1" in diameter and takes standard plates; use with the small connecting snap clip, which holds loads up to 200 lb.




15 inch pin 3


15" Olympic Plate Loading Pin

It's an easy way to hold a stack of barbell plates for the IronMind Hub and Block (not to mention the Rolling Thunder, De Rigueur Dipping Belt, Headstrap for Hercules, etc.). The Olympic loading pin is 15" long and 2" in diameter and takes Olympic plates; use with the super-duty large carabiner, which holds loads up to 6,600 lb. 






Explore the Crushed-to-Dust! Cube, the world's leading system for building superior grip strength.


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