Crushed to Dust!® Challenge

Official certification list for the Crushed-to-Dust! Challenge

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Close a Captains of Crush No. 2 gripper, lift 20 kg/45 lb. on an IronMind Hub and lift 90 kg/200 lb. on the Rolling Thunder—the Crushed-To-Dust!® Challenge is that simple. Not just for grip strength specialists, the IronMind Crushed-To-Dust!® Challenge is perfect for lifters, climbers, CrossFitters, cops, firefighters, military, MMA, OCR . . . everyone who uses their hands on the job or at play. The Crushed-to-Dust!® Challenge is an easily accessible and quick way to demonstrate superior all-around grip strength, based on universal tests of grip strength and designed by IronMind—Grip Central since 1988. 


  • Clayton Edgin (USA)
  • Steve Schmidt (USA)
  • Brian McEvoy (USA)
  • Ryan Johnson (USA)
  • Paul Knight (USA)
  • Timo Tuukkanen (Finland)
  • Adam Glass (USA)
  • Mikhail Islanov (Ukraine)
  • Andrei Sharkov (Ukraine)
  • Ivan Pupchenko (Ukraine)
  • Igor Voytzhethoskyy (Ukraine)
  • Marco Buhl (Germany)
  • Stefan Falke (Germany)


  • Evan Hansmann (USA)
  • Kevin Bussi (USA)
  • Martins Licis (USA)
  • John Machnik (USA)
  • Aleksandr Asinowski (Russia)
  • Sergey Badyuk (Russia)
  • Evegniy Medvedev (Russia)
  • Roman Penkovsky (Russia)
  • Ivan Shpak (Russia)
  • Nikolay Shpak (Russia)


  • Stephen Ruby (USA)
  • Juha Harju (Finland)
  • Mikhail Khomutov (Russia)


  • Arto Joronen (Finland)
  • Gilbert Goodman (USA)
  • Jouni Mähönen (Finland)


  • Luke Raymond (USA)
  • John Stepien (USA)
  • Jedd Johnson (USA)
  • Eric Roussin (CAN)
  • Jon-Clark Eklund (USA)
  • Jacob Sahlaney (USA)
  • Eirik Bruun Ingebretsen (Norway)
  • Maxim Popov (Russia)
  • Sergey Shevshenko (Russia)
  • Sergey Bogotopov (Russia)
  • Alexander Kirillov (Russia)
  • Tom Scibelli (USA)
  • Phil Horwood (United Kingdom)
  • David Horne (United Kingdom)
  • Carl-August Mertz (Germany)


  • Bryan Hunsaker (USA)
  • Duevorn Harris (USA)
  • Matthew Kraenbring (USA)
  • Steve Nichols (USA)
  • Joel Dircks (USA)
  • Ulice Payne (USA)


  • Jesse Nelson (USA)
  • Jon “Jujimufu“ Call (USA)
  • Daniel Isernhagen (Germany)
  • Justin Major (Canada)
  • Mark Viehweg  (USA)
  • Gabriel Sum (Germany)
  • Jason Dingey (USA)


  • Devinlee Brown (USA)
  • Riccardo Magni (USA)
  • Jeff Slater (Canada)
  • Mykola Prezhyn (Ukraine)
  • Jesse Pynnonen (Finland)
  • Thomas Larsen (Norway)
  • Tomi Tuomi (Finland)
  • Adam Cohen (USA)
  • Manuel Singer (Austria)
  • Yves Gravelle (Canada)


  • Mike Saffell (USA)
  • Sheldon Trefenanko (Canada)


  • Dmitry Grunsky (Ukraine)


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