Mikhail Koklyaev: No Criminal Charges in Traffic Death

When the story of the fatal car accident involving Russian strongman Mikhail ("Misha") Koklyaev broke, it was initially reported that speeding and drunk driving were involved, although there was some subsequent disagreement about the facts and Koklyaev’s manager, Ekaterina Majorskaya, took issue with the description that initially had been widely reported.

Now, the KP-Chelyabinsk newspaper has reported that Koklyaev has will not face criminal charges as a result of the accident, Sergey Klimakov relayed to IronMind®, along with this translation.

The KP-Chelyabinsk newspaper (Alexander Dybin/March 19, 2010) reported that, “Police refused to initiate criminal proceedings against Koklyaev: Examination showed that he could not prevent the accident that killed pedestrian.

“Police look into the causes of accidents involving famous strongman Koklyaev.

“We recall the car accident occurred in autumn 2009. Koklyaev on his Toyota knocked down a pedestrian. The blow was so strong that the injury was himself a sportsman, and then lay in a hospital.

“The investigation revealed that on the evening Koklyaev was sober and the ill-fated crossing moved to the green traffic signal. Who died that day, hurrying home to celebrate with family housewarming. Innocence Koklyaeva confirmed and expertise, which alleges that he was unable to prevent the collision.

“Obviously, this tragedy has affected the sports results strongman. At the last tournament in the U.S. 'Arnold Classic', which is considered the most prestigious in the world, Koklyaev took only 4 place. Whereas earlier got second.

“‘This year has been very difficult for me,’ admitted strongman told reporters after the tournament.

“A few months before the accident Michael Koklyaev on commercial competition in Yakutia ripped biceps and a long time recovering.”

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