Mikhail Koklyaev: “New Details” Emerging in Fatal Traffic Accident

Just in from Russia:  “New details” surrounding the fatal traffic accident involving strongman star Mikhail Koklyaev have been reported, IronMind® has learned.

Citing a source close to the investigation, it has been reported that relatives of both the victim and of the driver [Mikhail Koklyaev] are decrying what is described as the sensational reporting that surrounded the first accounts of the accident and are calling for restraint until everything is sorted out.

Continuing, the Russian news agency Access said that, “The final decision to initiate or refuse to initiate criminal proceedings will be taken soon.”

“Testing continues, and [it is too early] to draw any conclusion.  However currently two important facts have been established.  First, that [at] the time of the accident Michael Koklyaev was sober: immediately after the accident, he accompanied police and was taken to a hospital in the city where he was medically examined for the presence of alcohol in the blood.  The result was negative.  Furthermore, with the words Traffic policemen who witnessed this incident, the car, a Toyota Camry, drove [through the] controlled intersection while observing the traffic lights," the agency reported.

Initial reports of the fatal traffic accident described Koklyaev as drunk at the time, a report that was broadly corroborated, but that that was subsequently rejected by his manager.

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