Louis-Philippe Jean Joins the Field at World’s Strongest Man

Although it’s not yet officially posted on the World’s Strongest Man website, IronMind® has it from multiple sources, including the man himself, that Louis-Philippe Jean has been tapped as the final man named to the 2009 World’s Strongest Man starting field.

Louis-Philippe Jean had been widely expected to win Canada’s Strongest Man, but Christian Savoire captured the title and thereby the guaranteed invitation to the World’s Strongest Man contest.  While disappointed in his second-place finish at Canada’s Strongest Man, Louis-Philippe was generous in his praise of Christian Savoire and he vowed to keep training as if he would get the highly-coveted invitation to World’s Strongest Man after all.

As ever, there most likely was some push-pull over who would fill this final opening in the biggest strongman contest of them all, but in the end, Louis-Philippe Jean and his advocates prevailed.

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