Full Roster for the 2014 Highland Games Lightweight World Championships

Ryan Seckman told IronMind today that “all 15 spots are confirmed as of 7-15-14” for the 2014 Scottish Heavy Events Lightweight World Championships.

Here’s the start list:

1) Harry Hancock, Scotland
2) Conan Robert Quinn, Scotland
3) Luke Lomsdalen, USA
4) Jon Dahlin, USA
5) Torsten Hülsemann, Germany
6) Jacob Nicol, USA
7) Max Shank, USA
8) Stefan Dumitrica, Romania
9) Lukas Prettenthaler, Austria
10) Jeffrey Thornton, USA
11) John Odden, USA
12) Bryan MacLean, Canada
13) Mark Howe, USA
14) Garrett Middleton, USA
15) Dale Andrew, Canada

Also, Seckman said that Francis Brebner will be the announcer.

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