Scottish Heavy Events Lighweight World Championships

The 2014 Scottish Heavy Events Lightweight World Championships will be hosted by the Tucson Celtic Festival.

The will be held on November 1 and 2, “with the broadest group of international athletes ever to be assemble in lightweight (under 200 lb.) history,” Ryan Seckman told IronMind today.

“The group currently stands at 9 competitors including world record holders, past champions and new athletes who have all earned the opportunity to compete for this landmark event in the sport of Scottish Heavy Athletics. 

“The list as of July 5, includes those who have accepted the invitation and there will be a total of 14 athletes to compete come games day:

1) Harry Hancock, Scotland
2) Conan Robert Quinn, Scotland
3) Luke Lomsdalen, USA
4) Jon Dahlin, USA
5) Torsten Hülsemann, Germany
6) Jacob Nicol, USA
7) Max Shank, USA
8) Stefan Dumitrica, Romania
9) Lukas Prettenthaler, Austria

“For more information on this competition and for updates please like us at

or visit the games web site to sign up for advance purchase tickets or to compete in one of our other classes open on a first-come first-served basis.”


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