Zydrunas Savickas Wins Strongman Champions League World Log Lift Championships

That Zydrunas Savickas won the Strongman Champions League World Log Lift Championships today was not a big surprise - that he narrowly missed breaking his own world record was less expected.

After making 200 kg, Zydrunas Savickas jumped to 212.5 kg in an attempt to break his world record of 210 kg and while he came close, he could not quite lock out the big weight. "He was close, missing the lift by just a few inches," Marcel Mostert told IronMind®.

Showing how tight the competition was one step below Zydrunas Savickas, there was a three-way tie for second place: Mikhail Kolyaev, Oleksandr Lashyn and Sebastian Wenta made 195 kg. Koklyaev attempted 200 kg, but he missed the lift.

Erivin Katona and Kryztolf Radzikowski tied for fifth place, at 180 kg.

The contest ran very smoothly, but since it was a live Eurosport production, there was a lot of pressure, causing Mostert to say, "Tonight, I will be ready to de-stress . . . that's for sure."

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