Zup's Lift For Kids

Chad Coy said that once again, this year's Zup's Lift for Kids was a huge hit and a very successful fundraiser.

Coy reported, "Before the lifting even started over $25,000 dollars was raised for the Children's Bureau of Indianapolis and much more was collected during the event held on Monument Circle on Monday the 17th of October. This event kicked off Monday Football where the Colts, after a rocky start, blew out the St.Louis Rams 45-28.

"The 7 lifters totalled a little over 4,200,000 pounds in 2 hours.

"They pushed and pulled their way to the weight by squatting a front loader, deadlifting a car and shrugging an Indy 500 race car. This day eclipsed last year's total by over 1 million pounds mostly due to having a few more able-bodied men."

Hats off to those able-bodied men who made the fundraiser so successful: Tom Zupancic, Bryan Neese, Chad Coy, Adrian Panko, Rob Land, Nick Rush and Aaron Mullet.

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