Zlaten Vanev Attacks 210 kg

Grit: 77-kg weightlifter Zlaten Vanev cleaned 210-kg five times in training, only to miss the jerk each time. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen photo

It’s a classic: watch 77-kg competitor Zlaten Vanev attack a 210-kg clean and jerk in training . . . again and again.

Five times, Vanev cleans the weight, only to miss the jerk each time.

It’s a study in grit and if it doesn’t inspire you to lift more than you can, maybe it’s time to update your will.

Here are the video links:


And here’s something to hang on your wall—we froze this moment in time so you can sear it into your brain: Zlaten Vanev poster.


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