Zlatan Vanev: Huge Clean & Jerk Nails Golds in 85-kg Class

Warsaw, Poland – Bulgaria's Zlatan Vassiliev (Vanev) was in eighth place in the snatch, but after his opening clean and jerk, he had the gold in the jerk and the silver in the total, and after his second clean and jerk (217.5 kg), he turned his silver medal position in the total into another gold medal. 

George Asanidze (GEO) won the snatch with 177.5 kg, after getting off to a shaky start when he missed his opener (172.5 kg).  Ilirjan Suli (ALB) power snatched his opener, 167.5 kg., and then smoked 172.5- and 175-kg for the silver medal in the snatch.  Ruslan Novikau (RUS) got the bronze for his 172.5, beating Mariusz Rytkowski (POL) on body weight.

Trailing Vanev in the jerk, three lifters made 207.5, with body weight sorting out the places: Ruslan Novikau got the silver, Valeriu Calancea (ROM) got the bronze, and George Asanidze got fourth place. Vanev's 385-kg total edged Asanidze on body weight, and the bronze medal went to Novikau, with 380 kg, beating Suli on body weight.

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