X-TREME STRONGMAN National Qualifier

Phil Pfister leads after the first day of the IFSA-USA X-treme Strongman National Qualifier in South Miami Beach, Florida, followed by Don Pope and Jesse Marunde.

Keg loading (five 275-pound kegs loaded on a 40-inch box on a 25-ft course with a 90-second time limit) started the day, and Don Pope won this event with a time of 38.19 seconds, followed by Phil Pfister at 39.65 seconds and Jesse Marunde at 40.40 seconds.

The second event of the day was a sled drag (120-pound sled loaded with two of the kegs, pulled down a 60-foot course with a 90-second time limit). Pfister won the event in a time of 41.06 seconds, followed by Matt Matheny at 44.53 seconds and Jesse Marunde at one minute 2.06 seconds.

At the end of two events, Pfister leads with three points, followed by Pope at five points, Marunde at six points, Matheney at seven points, Kirit at nine points, Haugen at 13 points, Spyrock at fourteen points, Gogola at sixteen points, Meadors at eighteen points and Courtad at nineteen points.

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