Wrapping Up the MHP/SCL 2014 Season

Coming off a big year and another SCL finals in Kuala Lumpur, SCL cofounder Marcel Mostert has wrapped up the 2014 Strongman Champions League season and set the stage for 2015.

Strongman Champions League ended its 2014 season with a splash and the biggest tour in professional strongman has more planned for next year. IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL
Strongman Champions League ended its 2014 season with a splash and the biggest tour in professional strongman has more planned for next year. IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL

MHP/SCL Strongman in Malaysia
By Marcel Mostert
The MHP Strongman Champions League has finished again a great year of 16 competitions, complete with new world records, new talents, new countries and amazing events all around the globe. It was a fantastic year, with the grand finale in Malaysia for the second year.
We have built up a strong relation with the Malaysian community there, and we will have competitions for the coming 5 years as well.
Whether it is a final, a stage or the Malaysian Strongest man, we are building a new strongman future there.
Along with the great countries, and their organizers, where we have been in 2014, such as Malaysia, Zambia, China ,Croatia or the Caribbean, there were other ingredients that made of this very successful MHP/SCL Tour 2014 so successful.  More than 100 great professional athletes competed for us around the world in full satisfaction, our TV crew who did an amazing job with movies and trailers for us, and we had the TV channels( in 92 countries now) who wanted to broadcast our series.

And last not but not least of course our main sponsor MHP, who was a great help throughout the year with all their efforts and help in the most professional way.

Many thanks to them all.
At coming Friday,2 6 December at 19.00 hours, you can see on Eurosport the last episode of the finals in Malaysia. And it is truly spectacular to see this one. Never before the SCL world champion be crowned only after the the last event, with the last athlete and over 16 stages all over the world. Until the last moment, the last whistle of the referee, nobody still knew who would be the Strongman Champions League world champion 2014.

So don’t miss this on Friday evening, prime time, and here is a link to the great trailer from the finals in Malaysia.

But the MHP Strongman Champions League doesn’t stop here. Also 2015 will be a very promising year. Our calendar will be full again, also with new shows and new formats, never seen before. With again 5 new countries where we never have been before with strongman. And the 2015 Tour will start soon again at 31 January with the 1st stage:  SCL Norway “The World Strongest Viking.”
It will be all presented on our new website, to be launched in January 2015.

So, stay tuned here on IronMind and on the SCL website or our Facebook page, for more info.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a fantastic, strong 2015.
The final top 20 SCL ranking 2014

(out of 100 athletes competing in our series this year)
1.   Martin Wildauer - Austria          198  GOLD
2.   Krzysztof Radzikowski - Poland  195  SILVER
3.   Ervin Katona - Serbia                  175  BRONZE
4.   Dainis Zageris - Latvia                 126
5.   Hafthor Bjornsson - Iceland         125
6.   Lauri Nami - Estonia                    105
7.   Vidas Blekaitas - Lithuania         77
8.   Rauno Heinla - Estonia              73
9.   Matjaz Belsak - Slovenia             66
10. Alex Moonen - Holland             56
11  Eddie Hall - England                    48
12. Marius Lalas - Lithuania             44
13. JF Caron - Canada                       37
14. Ole Martin Hansen – Norway     33
15. Grzegorz Szemanski - Poland     30
16. Zydrunas Savickas - Lithuania    25
17. Rafal Kobylarz - Poland               25
18. Didzis Zarins - Latvia                   20
19. Gerald Gschiel - Austria              18
20.  Saulius Brusokas - Lithuania      18



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