World’s Strongest Man: iPhone App Launching this Month

“The new WSM iPhone app launching in March will allow WSM fans to compete in 8 different events against their favourite athletes,” Carl Lawrence, Senior Licensing Manager at IMG, told IronMind today.

Can’t get enough of World’s Strongest Man?  An iPhone app is coming this month.  IronMind® | Courtesy of IMG.
Can’t get enough of World’s Strongest Man?  IMG announced that an iPhone app is coming this month.  IronMind® | Courtesy of IMG.

“You must train your character and qualify through national and qualifying championships to enter the official Worlds Strongest Man event.  Then you have the chance to be crowned the World's Strongest Man.  As you will be able to see from the trailer, the game is top quality with each event offering a unique challenge.

“It's a must for all WSM fans and anyone with an iPhone or iPad can get it,” said Lawrence.


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