World's Strongest Man Winner Svend "Viking Power" Karlsen: Training Film

Want to see how the very popular and very powerful World's Strongest Man winner Svend "Viking Power" Karlsen trains?

Here's your chance.

Producer Colin Bryce says this training film covers, "Svend's eight day training cycle.  The film itself is split into two sections: Equipment training, which includes farmers walk in six inches of snow, 500-kg tyre flips, an attempt at the Apollon's Axle World Record, 8 x 180-kg stone lifts in under 30 many more secret exercises that Svend has developed for success."

Next, it's into the gym to, "Watch Svend front squat an amazing 4 x 270-kg, deadlift an outrageous 3 x 370-kg . . . again he shows you all of the exercises he deems necessary for real strength training.  Also, Svend takes you into his kitchen and explains the most important diet/supplements that you should be taking.  To top it off, the film contains footage of his log World Record and more competition footage from the last few years."

The finished product will be approximately one hour in length; pricing and ordering details will be available shortly.

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