World's Strongest Man Update: One Day Left in Qualifiers

There is only one day left in the qualifying round of the 2003 World's Strongest Man contest, so things are coming down to the wire for everyone who wants to make it into the finals.

Pudzianowski leads Group 1, with 21 points, followed by Dolan, at 19, and Baltus, at 17. Savickas leads Group 2, after 5 events, at 25 points, with Samuelsson on his heels, at 24; Minkwitz follows at 18, and Pope at 17. Bergmanis leads Group 3 (after four events), at 21 points, with Dymek at 18-1/2, and Pfister at 15-1/2. Girard leads Group 4 (after 4 events), with 20 points, with Virastyuk at 19. Group 5 (after 5 events) is led by Karlsen, at 27 points, followed by Paulin at 21, Gossling at 19 and Philippi at 18. Groups 1, 3, and 4 do the Log Lift tomorrow, and then all five groups do the Tire Flip.

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