World's Strongest Man Update: Charleston, West Virginia

IronMind® expects an official announcement shortly regarding the dates and location of the 2008 World's Strongest Man contest and in the meantime, we can say that the Appalachian District of the United States Postal Service will be releasing a special edition World's Strongest Man - Phil Pfister stamp on September 3 in the Cultural Center at the State Capitol Complex in Charleston, West Virginia.

The stamp will feature the World's Strongest Man logo and images of Phil Pfister, the 2006 World's Strongest Man winner, Kim Whittington, a retail specialist in the District's Marketing Department, told IronMind® today. Whittington is the man who proposed this idea, which he said won the support of the Appalachian District's Marketing Director, Delores Cummings, and the District Manager, Karen Schenck.

"It's nice to be grouped with some iconic West Virginian athletes," Pfister told IronMind®, as he becomes the fourth athlete in his state to receive this honor.

This will be a limited edition stamp that will appear on what is called a cachet envelope, Whittington explained. The one presented to Phil Pfister on September 3 in Charleston, West Virginia, will mark the public unveiling, "its first day of issue," and it will go on sale at local U.S. Postal Service offices for a short period of time thereafter.

So if you are a World's Strongest Man fan, and maybe a stamp collector, too, get ready to buy this - whether or not you plan to be in Charleston, West Virginia this September.

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