World's Strongest Man Under 105 kg

Promoted by Mika Hyvarinen and Simo Storkkila and organized by the Finnish Strongman Federation, the World's Strongest Man under 105-kg contest is drawing near.

Ten athletes are competing: Willie Wessels, Wayne Arnburg, Stefan Weierman, Danny Anderson, Maris Rozenthals, Rene Trage, Darren Saddler, Janne Hartikainen, Aki Katajamaki, and Jyrki Rantanen.

Eight events are scheduled:

Log lift (for maximum weight)
Farmer's walk (120 kg, 40 meters)
Wheelbarrow (20 meters)
Hercules Hold
Conan's Circle
Truck Pull (harness and rope)
Atlas Stones (100kg, 120kg, 140kg, 160kg, 180kg)
Crucifix (12.5 kg)

This contest has generated a lot of excitement, and IFSA Holdings officer Ilkka Kinnunen has been instrumental in creating a basis for this event, recognizing that strongman is immensely popular, but not everyone is two meters tall and weighs 150 kg.

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