World's Strongest Man Super Series Seeks "Win-Win"

Ulf Bengtsson, president of the World's Strongest Man Super Series, said today that his overall philosophy is to seek win-win situations in the pursuit of advancing the sport of strongman.

Besides reflecting this philosophy, Bengtsson's leadership position in the new strongman alliance - which comprises the original Super Series, along with the World's Strongest Man and the Arnold Strongman contests - is likely to be marked by his beliefs that the sport needs fewer rumors, and more coordination, along with perfectly clear policies.

Thus, for example, while open embracing the need for a drug-testing policy in the sport of strongman, Bengtsson emphasized that is must be clearly articulated and viable from all perspectives if it is to have any meaning and value.

Beginning this year, due to this new alliance, the entire qualification process for World's Strongest Man has changed, and Bengtsson said that there will be a minimum of four Super Series events, which will serve as the qualifiers for the 2005 World's Strongest Man contest.

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