World's Strongest Man: Official Start List and Events

The official start list for the 2004 World's Strongest Man contest has just been released.

With its concentrated field, WSM 2004 will put an even sharper focus on each of 12 professional strongman invited to compete in this marquee contest:

Mariusz Pudzianowski - Poland
Zydrunas Savickis - Lithuania
Vasyl Virastyuk - Ukraine
Raimonds Bergmanis - Latvia
Steve Kirit - USA
Adrian Rollinson - UK
Mark Felix - Grenada
Hugo Girard - Canada
Svend Karlsen - Norway
Rene Minkwitz - Denmark
Magnus Samuelsson - Sweden
Tomi Lotta - Finland

Richard (Levi) Vaoga - New Zealand - and Andrus Murumets - Estonia - are the officially-listed reserve competitors.

Also, officially, this year's events include: Atlas Stones, Fire Truck Pull, Safe Lift, Motorcycle Walk, Fridge Carry.

Please remember that while all this information is the latest, both the athletes and the events are subject to change.

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