World's Strongest Man: Live in '05!

In a move that will be widely applauded by strongman fans worldwide, the World's Strongest Man contest is introducing a live broadcast of this year's competition, TWI told IronMind® today.

Strongman fans around the world are accustomed to the tradition of having the highly popular World's Strongest Man contest take place in the fall, and the show airing the day after Christmas.

In what hardcore fans will embrace as a tremendous enhancement of this contest, CCTV5 in China will be making six one-hour programs and the final one will be live, although "ESPN will be broadcasting the shows as they have in previous years."

As reported here earlier, this year's World's Strongest Man contest will be held in Chengdu, China, with the qualifier scheduled for September 27 - 30 and the finals scheduled for October 4 - 7.

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