World's Strongest Man: How to Qualify in 2005

Want to win the biggest title in strongman, but wondering how to get there?

Stressing its philosophy of inclusiveness, a high-ranking World's Strongest Man Super Series spokesman said today that all qualified strongmen are welcome to compete in the Super Series contests that are the gateway to 2005 World's Strongest Man invitations - the theme of the new alliance is to open the doors to all top strongmen, giving everyone equal access to the Super Series events which pave the road to the World's Strongest Man contest.

Since 2005 will be the inaugural year of this organization, the underlying structure of qualifying events leading up to the actual Super Series competitions will not be as fully developed as in coming years, but the strongman community will see clear indications of this pattern.

Announcements of qualifying contests are expected to begin shortly, so the word is out that if you have the ability, these contests will give you an opportunity to demonstrate it, and the net result just might be earning an invitation to compete in the 2005 World's Strongest Man contest.

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