World's Strongest Man Finalists

After a delay of about four hours today, the last day of the qualifying round of the World's Strongest Man contest was held and the two top competitors from each of the five groups will advance to the finals.

Here are the 2007 MET-Rx World's Strongest Man finalists:

Phil Pfister, Tarmo Mitt, Don Pope, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Dave Ostlund, Terry Hollands, Magnus Samuelsson, Mark Felix, Sebastian Wenta, Kevin Nee

"This is the biggest, heaviest, tallest group ever to make the finals," an insider told IronMind®. "For Magnus Samuelsson to be as solid and strong as he was on the stones today was awesome . . . Terry Hollands has really hardened up . . . Kevin Nee was a ball of fire . . . Phil Pfister is cool and calculated, concentrating on the finals . . . Mariusz Pudzianowski has been saying on the websites that the Americans are afraid to face him in Europe, so he has come to America to crush them - well, he's in for a big surprise, because there are some spoilers in this contest and he is going to discover in the finals that he's not the World's Strongest Man."

Pick your favorite(s) and get ready to cheer them on: The finals begin on Friday.

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