World’s Strongest Man 2015: Tonight on CBS Sports

Eddie Hall on the Truck Pull, a World’s Strongest Man classic. Broadcasts of World’s Strongest Man 2015 begin tonight on CBS Sports. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen photo

It’s the TV show Barry Frank created to entertain people when they came home from work, and with more that three decades of worldwide broadcasts under its belt, The World’s Strongest Man proved to have universal appeal and a rare level of staying power.

Tonight, on CBS Sports, you can watch human draft horses lift, carry and pull things that no ordinary human could budge—these are guys who are so big that being 6’ 6” and 350 lb. might make you feel like a little guy.

So train hard, grab your favorite cold one and enjoy the action, beginning tonight on CBS Sports:

World's Strongest Man 2015 CBS Sports Broadcast Schedule


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