World’s Strongest Man 2013: The Competitors

While awaiting official world from IMG, here’s IronMind’s best guess (based on multiple sources) at who will be competing at the 2013 Commerce World’s Strongest Man contest.

Zydrunas Savickas
Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Brian Shaw
Terry Hollands
Mike Jenkins
Krzysztof Radzikowski
Mark Felix
Vytautas Lalas
Laurence Shahlaei
Nick Best
Dainis Zageris
Jerry Pritchett
Scott Cummine
Ervin Katona
Mike Burke
Alex Moonen
Ed Hall
Robert Oberst
Graham Hicks
Martin Wildauer
Lauri Nami
Frankie Scheun
Akos Nagy
Johannes Arsjo
Bjorn Solvang
Warrick Brandt
Gerhard Van Staden
Misha Koklyaev
Juha Matti Jarvi

Chinese competitor (Long Woo maybe?)

Remember: this is just IronMind’s best guess and we are awaiting IMG’s announcement, so keep your eye on the official World’s Strongest Man website for the latest on this year’s contest.

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