World’s Strongest Hands: Ivan Beritashvili Shines

“A MASSIVE big up to Ivan Beritashvili (only 24 years old) of Russia, who not only won the Open category of the World's Strongest Hands contest (with 70 competitors), but won the 93-kg class as well (34 competitors)!,” contest organizer David Horne reported to IronMind.

“Two trophies will now be heading to Moscow!
“The contest included powerlifters, armwrestlers, strongmen, and an open class, a men's under 93-kg class, and a women's class.
“It was superb watching our contest in England, and then to see the results come in from around the world.  Massive lifts everywhere, but as I said earlier the performance by young Ivan is truly memorable!," said Horne.

“I look forward to 2013, when hopefully with my surgery over, and my elbow sorted, I will be able to do battle against the current title holder.

“Also of course all the other superb athletes who get out to these events, and strut their stuff on the platform. Well done!
“Oh and finally can I say how pleased I am to be married to my wonderful wife, Elizabeth who is again the women’s WSH champion—three in a row!"

Here are the official scores for the top 3, by class.
2012 World's Strongest Hand: Final Results
Open Class

1. Ivan Beritashvili (Russia) 9.0
2. David Thornton (USA) 13.0
3. Adam T. Glass (USA) 18.5


1. Elizabeth Horne (UK) 4.0
2. Yvonne Häkkinen(Finland) 10.0
3. Mary Ann McKeague (USA) 14.5

Men’s 93-kg Class

1. Ivan Beritashvili (Russia) 4.0
2. Niko Eerola (Finland) 12.0
3. Teemu Koivunen (Finland) 23.5

For full details, please visit David Horne's World of Grip results.


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