World's Strongest Grip Forum

No doubt about it, when IronMind® reported on Mike Roy's World's Strongest Grip contest, explaining that we had been asked for our comments and were inviting everyone else to comment on it as well, the fireworks started.

For openers, the predictable sources either couldn't understand the facts or tried to twist them; others simply griped; most of the rest of us were left scratching our heads, asking questions like, "What the heck is . . .  ."

As IronMind® found out more about the events that had been proposed, we formulated our recommendations, which were passed back to the promoter along with all the comments we had received from everyone else. But wait, the party isn't over yet, so if you still have some thoughts on this, here's another way to present your view, because now there is a forum for the World's Strongest Grip contest: .

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