World Strongman Super Series: Muscle Beach - Events & Scoring

“The troops are rolling into town,” Odd Haugen told IronMind this morning, referring to the dozen top strongman competitors who will battle it out for top honors at the dotFit World Strongman Super Series contest at Muscle Beach (Venice, California) this Saturday (November 14).

Odd Haugen (left) and Ulf Bengtsson (right) with the World Strongman Super Series title belt.  Points toward the belt will be on the line in Venice, California this weekend.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Odd Haugen.
Odd Haugen (left) and Ulf Bengtsson (right) with the World Strongman Super Series title belt.  Points toward the belt will be on the line in Venice, California this weekend.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Odd Haugen.

With the official start list re-confirmed, here is the slate of events:

• Farmer’s Walk: 160 kg/each, 40 meters
• Overhead Medley: Atlas Stone (102.5 kg), Aluminum Block (115 kg), Field Stone (125 kg), Log Lift for reps (150 kg)
• Shield Carry: 180 kg, 40 meters
• Super Yoke: 385 kg, 40 meters

At this point, the field of 12 strongman competitors will be reduced to 6.

• Deadlift Power Medley: Apollon’s Axle (300 kg); Giant Wheels (320 kg; 1-1/2” bar); Louis Cyr Barbell (340 kg); Giant Frame (300 kg, 20 meters)
• Atlas Stones Circle of Strength: 5 stones from 140 kg to 195 kg.

In the past, cutting the field and adjusting the scores has caused some heated discussions, so lest there be any doubt about the scoring, here are the rules, verbatim and beforehand:

The score for first place shall be weighted the same through an entire GP competition.  The score for 1st place is 12 points in the first four disciplines, it will be reduced 6 points in disciplines 5 and 6 as the field of athletes has been reduced to 6.   However, the subtotal score for each athlete shall be adjusted after the first four disciplines to reflect the number of athletes in the final two disciplines (i. e. 6 finalists divided by 12 starters=6/12 times the subtotal score= adjusted subtotal).

So, if the field is cut to 6 for the last two events, the subtotals for events 1 - 4 will be cut in half; and scoring for the final two events will be 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

For a promotional video and the broadcast schedule, please visit the Versus website.

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